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International Mobility @ UTM

International mobility program designed to develop students to be global ready graduates. Students can participate in any academic programs offered in international institutions in other countries.

What do we offer?

1.Student Academic Visit

A group of students can spend 1 to 7 days in UTM to experience the unique Southeast Asian cultures, to study the global issue or to get access to extraordinary learning opportunities.

Academic Program (1 – 7 days):
i) Seminar, Conference, Paper presentation, student project competition.
ii) Cultural: Cultural Exhibition and Conference, Historical and Cultural Tour
iii) Student Development Activity:
iv) Seminar and Courses,

2. Student Exchange/ Non-Graduating Student

Spend one or two semesters take courses in a regular semester with credit transfer OR to join research study or internship under the supervision of an academic staff in UTM.

3.UTM Summer School (UTM MyTREE)

This 2-3 weeks program offers a number of interesting courses organized by UTM. It has a wide-application related to the environment, local community, heritage and tradition. The courses incorporate theory and practice, blended with the local culture and social activities.


1. Global Outreach Program (GOP)


GOP is a 7 to 14 days academic based programme to experience various cultures in other countries. It includes immersion elements such as research & academic activities, social responsibility, cross cultural activities and international event participation.


2. Summer School Abroad


Summer school is a program which designed to provide educational opportunities in 4 to 8 weeks during summer holiday. It has a wide-application related to the environment, local community, heritage and tradition. The courses incorporate theory and practice, blended with the local culture and social activities.


3. International Invitation Program (IIP)


IIP is a program which allows students to participate in a program offered by institution/ organization/ society with the theme as follow:


  1. Academic Program: Seminar, Conference, Paper presentation, student project competition
  2. Cultural: Cultural Exhibition and conference, historical and cultural tour
  3. Student Development Activity: Courses, workshops


4. Internship Abroad


Research Internship is a program which will allow you to go for a joint research study or internship under the supervision of an academic staff at institutions or industries abroad.


5. Study Abroad/ Exchange


Study Abroad/ Student Exchange program is a program which will allow you to spend one or two semesters at universities abroad and take courses in a regular semester with credit transfer opportunity. Students are encouraged to study at universities partners to all over the world.



What program is available for UTM student to go abroad?
Short Term Program (Consist of Global Outreach Program,International Invitation Program & Summer School) and Study Abroad & Student Exchange (Consist of One/Two semester study abroad, Internship Abroad and research attachment)

Who can participate?

To be eligible to participate in the UTM Outbound Program, you will need to meet a number of requirements by the end of the semester in which you apply. Visit Check for Eligibility for further information.

When should I apply?

Application must be made at least 6 months prior program or no later than 3 months prior program

How do Iapply?

Tosubmit an application, please complete the following steps:

  • Check your eligibillity
  • Choose a host university
  • Budget for your exchange
  • Contact an academic advisor from your faculty to discuss your study plan
  • Create a study plan
  • Complete an application form
  • Submit your study plan and application form by the appropriate deadline to UTM International

Do I need to apply permission for going abroad (kebenaran keluar Negara) at Pejabat HEMA?

Yes. Student must submit application to get permission at Pejabat HEMA after approval from Deputy Vice Chancellor(Academic & International). Approval from DVCAI is through UTMInternational.

Which host university is right for me?
Choosing a host university is a personal decision that will depend on what you study,and what you wish to get out of the experience.
You may find the following resources helpful as you research your host institution and country:

  • Academic advisers orstaff from your faculty
  • Host university websites
  • Past and presentexchange students testimonials
  • UTM International’s website
  • UTM International officer

Do I have tospeak a foreign language to study in a non-English speaking country?

Not necessarily. Many exchange partners in non-English speaking countries offercourses taught in both English and the native language of that country. Please visit the host university webpage to find out if they offer courses in English.

How much does it cost to go on exchange?

While costs will differ depending on where you go, your plans and your spending habits, on average we recommend that students have between RM3000-RM7000 per semester of exchange. Visit host university website for the estimated cost of living in your host country.

What scholarships are available for students going on exchange?

There are a limited number of scholarships andgrants offered by host institutions every year. However, ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) program’s scholarship available every year to all engineering students who submit their exchange application to AIMS member institutions. Students are required tovisit UTM International’s website for information of current offer. UTM offers travel grant for all type of outbound depending onlocation to maximum amount of RM 10,000 per semester.

Do I have to pay tuition to the host university while I’m on exchange?

While you are on exchange, you will continue to pay tuition fees to UTM. Most partners institution will waived the tuition fee at host university. However, there are some condition where student still need to paytuition fee to partner university. At this condition,tuition fee at UTM will be exempted. Students are remind to contact PTPTN/scholarship body to inform about their program at university abroad.

What happens if I don’t get into my first preference?

If you do not get into your first preference university we will try to place you in your second or third preference. If you are not nominated for a place in your first preference university, you will need to complete a new study plan and submit it to your faculty once you have been offered a place at a new host university.

What happens if I am not accepted by the host university?

Please note that if you are accepted by UTM International, we will nominate you as an exchange student to the partner university, however the final decision regarding whether you will be accepted rests with the host institution.

What happens if I go for a semester and want to stay longer?

Exchanges can only be for a maximum of two semesters atany one exchange partner. If you originally planned to stay for one semester,but want to stay for an additional semester, you can fill in the application form again and get approval from faculty.

Do I need astudent visa?

Many countries require students to obtain a student visa or study permit for their exchange period. But, application and cost for student visa is borne by student.

What you need to find out about a student visa or study permit:
1. The type of visa you will need to apply for.
2.Supporting documents required as part of the visa application, for example: host university acceptance letter, proof of accommodation, evidence of sufficient funds for the semester, police check.
3. The cost of your student visa, including the visa itself, the application cost, the cost of obtaining required supporting documents, and travel to embassy  to have the visa issued.

When can I goon exchange?

Applicants must complete at least one semester in UTM and not in a final semester during the program. AIMS applicants must be in second yearand above and not in the final semester during the program.
You can study on exchange for 1 or 2 semesters.
Most partner universities operate on a two-semester system with semester dates typically being September to December (Semester 1) and February to May (Semester 2).

Can I study overseas in my last semester of my degree?



 How do I apply as exchange students?

You can register for UTM study abroad/ student exchange program on our online application page,  https://dvcai.utm.my/international/student-exchange-ngs-application-form/

When is the deadline?

Deadline for application as follows:

  • September intake : 30th April
  • February intake : 30th September

How do I make changes to my registration information?

  • You can re-submit your application through our online application page and notify us through email, inboundexchange@utm.my for our further action.

 How long it will take to process my application?

We require minimum one (1) month to process student’s application and please refer https://dvcai.utm.my/international/files/2015/05/Flowchart_NGS.pdf for application procedure. Student is not allowed to purchase flight ticket until further advice.

How can I know my application is accepted?

We will email successful applicants with offer letter and further instruction on visa application and procedure.

How do I cancel or postpone my offer?

Once you get your offer letter, we require you to send an acceptance letter. You can write your withdrawal/ postponement in the letter. No charges will be imposed.


How much does it cost?

Application for admission is free. However, fees for Study Abroad/ Student Exchange will be imposed when students register as UTM students. Full pricing details are available here

Is there special fee for students from UTM partner institutions?

Tuition fee will be waived for students from UTM partner institutions. However some fees will be imposed. Refer here for list of fees

What is INBOUND’s payment policy?

Payment can be made upon registration. Cash and credit card can be accepted.

 How can I get scholarship from UTM?

We do not offer any scholarship to incoming students.

What are the estimated costs of living in Malaysia?

UTM main campus is located in Johor Bahru and UTM Kuala Lumpur is located in central Kuala Lumpur. So, the cost of living between our 2 campuses might be different. Range of USD 500 – 800 per month is sufficient to pay hostel, meals and transportation in both cities.



 All International students who come to Malaysia for short term program are compulsory to apply for suitable visa/pas. There are 2 types of visa/ pass for incoming students. Student who studies in UTM for less than 6 months requires a PROFESSIONAL PASS whilst student studies for more than 6 months to a year require a STUDENT PASS.

To obtain the visa/pass above, the student must get VDR (Visa with Reference Letter) or SPAL (Student Pass Approval Letter) first before coming to Malaysia.

Further information on visa application and procedure will be sent to students through email along with offer letter from UTM International.



UTM will NOT PURCHASE  any health insurance for inbound students. We REQUIRED ALL incoming students to purchase their own medical insurance in their home country. The insurance must be able to cover the medical expenses while studying in Malaysia.



 How do I book a hostel in UTM?

All single students will be placed at UTM students’ residential college. We have various types of room and facilities around campus. Most of our campus has basic furniture with common bathroom and fan.

Your booking will be automatically secured once you received offer from us. You can select your preferable room type upon application. However, the final placement is subject to availability because we placed all UTM undergraduate students at our on-campus accommodation. So, we have very limited room for special facilities i.e. single, room with air-conditioning, attached bathroom and water heater.

Student who bring along their family/ friend need to find own housing.

What is the rate for on-campus accommodation?

Our single room rate starts with RM 20 (excluding 6% GST) and to maximum RM 50 (excluding GST). Price may vary by each room and types. Price can be changed from time to time without early notification.

Do you offer airport transfer from airport upon arrival?

We are sorry to inform you that airport transfer is not available except for students from UTM’s partner universities who give the same services to our outbound students.

However, we have shuttle bus around campus which available every weekdays and specific time during weekends. Shuttle bus is provided free to exchange students.

What weather should I expect?

Situated between 1° and 6°N, the whole of Malaysia has a classic equatorial climate with high temperatures and wet months throughout the year. Temperatures at sea level range from 21ºC to 32ºC, whilst at higher elevations it is much cooler with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. Annual rainfall varies from 2,000mm to 2,500mm.

What is the suggested attire for INBOUND?

All exchange students are also restricted to UTM rules and regulations which used to UTM students (full -time). So, please take note that you have to follow UTM dress code. Please visit this website, https://dvcai.utm.my/students/utm-dress-code/ for UTM dress code.



What is the best time for me to arrive at UTM campus?

If you have a Single Entry Visa before entering Malaysia, you can plan your travel at least a week before our semester starts. UTM International will organize a special orientation for exchange students to UTM.

Academic calendar will be update in our website from time to time.

Am I allowed to travel during orientation program/ week?

Student who enters Malaysia with a Single Entry Visa is not allowed to exit Malaysia before getting a Professional Pass and Student Pass. Professional pass and student pass will be obtained within a month after student’s registration.

Travelling around Malaysia is allowed but student is required to inform UTM International in case of emergency.

Who can help me with my registration?

UTM offers buddy program without extra charge. A buddy will be assigned to each exchange student. The buddy program is a voluntary program to assist exchange student within few weeks upon arrival. Exchange student is advised not to rely on their buddy.

What should I do if I missed the orientation?

Student is still allowed to register as exchange student in UTM as long as delay of arrival is because of reasonable reasons i.e. delay of visa issuance. UTM International will conduct a special briefing upon student’s arrival and buddy will help student for registration.

Who can I contact with questions that weren’t answered here?

You can email us at inboundexchange@utm.my  for any help.