1. What is OTEC stand for?

OTEC is an abbreviation of “Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion“.

2. What is the definition of OTEC in your own words?

Sample Answer 1

OTEC is a method of extracting the heat from the surface of ocean and converting it into power.

– Prof Dato’ Ir Dr. Abu Bakar Jaafar,

Director of UTM OTEC–

Sample Answer 2

OTEC is a method of converting heat from the Sun that stored in the surface layer of the sea into electrical energy or product equivalent.

– Mr. Mohammad Syafiq Rahmat, 

Research Officer –

3. What is the best definition of OTEC?

“Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion”

“… a method of converting part of the heat from the Sun which is stored in the heat surface layers of a body of water into electrical energy or energy product equivalent”;


[Pub. L. 96-310, Sec.9,July 17,1980,94 Stat.946.]


4. How many primary sources of energy?

There are six (6) primary sources of energy.

5. Based on your answer above, what are primary sources of energy?

List of six (6) primary sources of energy:-

1) Solar

2) Geothermal

3) Gravitational

4) Salinity gradient

5) Fossil fuels

6) Nuclear

6. How many forms of energy?

There are six (6) forms of energy.

7. Based on your answer above, what are the forms of energy?

List of six (6) forms of energy:-

1) Heat

2) Chemical

3) Light

4) Electric

5) Mechanical :Potential & Kinetic

6) Sound

8. What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is an energy resource that is replaced rapidly by a natural process such as power generated from the sun or from the wind.