Project Leader: Dr. Chiong Meng Soon

  • The specification of this project is to design, prototype, test and produce a novel heat exchanger for Hybrid OTEC system.
  • The heat exchanger is one of the key components to ensure the Hybrid OTEC system is working effectively as this is the component where heat is transferred from the source to the working medium.
  • The use of traditional heat exchanger will limit the effectiveness, thus novel design with consideration of Life Cycle Analysis, and specifically designed to be applied in Malaysia.
  • The project will begin with the design and simulation of the heat exchanger, which will be the evaporator and condenser in the Hybrid OTEC system.
  • The designed heat exchangers will be made as a prototype and tested in the laboratory under representative conditions. This will enable real condition assessment of the performance, which leads to the first level of optimization.
  • The laboratory test optimized heat exchanger will then be fabricated for full-size application on the field. This will lead to second level optimization considering real-life conditions.
  • The optimization will enable design or operational changes, which then an effective heat exchanger could be realized, fitting into other projects under the program.
  1. To design and prototype high effectiveness heat exchanger for Hybrid OTEC system
  2. To demonstrate the high effectiveness of heat exchanger based on lab testing
  3. To demonstrate the high effectiveness of heat exchanger on the real-life Hybrid OTEC condition in Malaysia
  4. To optimize the high effectiveness of heat exchanger on the real-life Hybrid OTEC application in Malaysia

Flowchart Project 3

Novel theories / New findings / Knowledge
New high effectiveness Heat Exchanger design, built and tested for Hybrid OTEC system in Malaysia.

Research Publications
Fifteen (15) high impact journal papers

Specific or Potential Applications
Patent of high effectiveness Heat Exchanger could be used for other waste heat recover

Number of PhD and Masters (by research) Students

  • PhD Student(s): 3
  • Master Student(s): 3


  1. Dr. Chiong Meng Soon – PROJECT LEADER
  2. Ms. Siti Nurasyiqin Abdul Latif
  3. PM Dr. Srithar Rajoo
  4. Ts. Dr. Sathiabama T. Thirugnana
  5. Mr. Tan Feng Xian